Shooting / “You Can Call Me John”

Oh, what a summer…

Hi guys! This is me on the firs day of my new job:


I just wanted to share with you some news about what’s going on.
For the moment, I’m playing the main character on a movie – that is also going to be a TV series.

John is the character I play. Yeah – just like the title of the movie. He is the guy! He moves to Tirana (capital of Albania) where he meets Lorna (played by Nevina Shtylla) – who becomes his girlfriend. She is cool. And.. a lot of good shit happens.

The film is full of situations, beautiful places, colors, music and life! Daily teenage life, school, road trips and a lot of parties are the focus on this movie. You’re gona like it.

This is a film producing by Papadhimitri Film Production,  directed by Dionis and Klajd Papadhimitri. My other starring colleagues are: Eva Murati, Genti Kame, Rovena Dilo, Arben Derhemi, Gezim Rudi, Ermira Gjata, Indrit Cobani, Kriks Dumo, Orjola Boni, Boni Perkola, Alexander Mirtollari etc.

The project premiers in cinemas on September, 2016 / Albania. And then, on TV and hopefully on Youtube (or here).

Check out some pictures from the stage and backstage:


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