“A DNA Poetry” – is a multidisciplinary performance, which comes as the result of a process of research and reflects on the essential component (physical, mental and emotional).
During this process of researchers, artists are using a variety of artistic techniques and are trying to understand the DNA in itself, experimenting and then reflecting on the report that it has between different phenomena, between each – other, materials, time and space.
In addition to the theoretical and scientifical side of the research, most important focus has been concentrated on the inner side of the individual, making him realize that the authenticity of the individual self, to the point of recognition as unique beings of this universe.
This act – action, takes a poetic form as displayed through actions and bodily movements; and it is a diverse combination of artistic components, ranging from: experimental theater, theater of the absurd, theater lab, contemporary dancing, installation and conceptual art.
Location: Porto Palermo Castle
Art Kontakt Festival / “UNCHARTED”2014


– METAL: T20-26

Sometimes, the relationship between the living beings, leads us through a “metallic” experience: strong, heavy, shifting from stone cold through melting hot, with it’s ups and downs. “Metal T20-26” brings a personal journey, an experience based on spontaneous reflection of the mechanical interaction between living beings. The action surpasses the personal allowing to reflect on this feeling – an experience of elemental occurrences of the life circle, where the artist invites the audience to reflect on their strongest relationships though his act.

Location: Tirana Ekspres (Alternative Art & Cultural Center)

– The Red


Location: Albanian National Museum